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Samlede 15 Tampa Bay Rowdies football chants indsendt af DOCTORMILHOUSE

10848 Don't Wanna Go Home The best trip we've ever been on
12088 I Belong To Tampa Dear old Tampa town
12334 No Place Worse Than The City Of Miami There's really no place worse
12463 The White Pele The Legend Rodney Marsh said long ago he wasn't the White Pele. Pele was the black Rodney Marsh.
14447 No One Likes Us We don't care
14997 You Are My Rowdies The Super Rowdies
15991 Daryl Sattler Keeping the clean sheets at the back
16068 We Love Ya Show your love for the Rowdies!
16237 A Kick In The Grass Old Tampa Bay Rowdies song from 1975, still sung after games
17198 Mental Watch out for moshpits
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18062 We Came To Drink, We Came To Sing Song for the march to the stadium
18739 Drink Drink, Wherever You May Be Carefree the Tampa Bay Way
20152 Aaron King A song for our striker up top
20259 You Don't Know What You'Re Doing! Second division refs are awful
20385 We're S*itfaced And when you score, we'll take shots
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